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Where does the training take place?

Most of my clients are directly from Harrogate and the surrounding areas. I train the majority of my clients at PURE GYM in Harrogate and if necessary at your own home. I am sure we will find a solution!

Am I a professional trainer?

Absolutely Yes. I am fully qualified Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor. I am registered with REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals). Check out the “About Me“ page for more details on my biography.

Why should I spend money on a personal trainer? I can do it by myself.

Of course you can train alone. But I believe that my main purpose is to motivate you and develop a customised training programme with you that corresponds to your requirements, problems and goals. It's my job to make each session as varied as possible, keeping your body guessing and your mind stimulated so you never get bored. I will mainly be your advisor. I can detect when your posture is not quite right or when you are putting too much pressure on the wrong muscles. 

How often do I have to or can I train with you?

That is entirely up to you and depends on the amount of time you have and how committed you are. Usually, I train with my clients once or twice a week some clients as many as three times!

Are you Insured and First Aid Qualified?

Yes....and YES!! I currently have Public Liability Insurance which is something ALL trainers should have....If your instructor doesn't, DO NOT use him/her!!

My First Aid Certificate is complete and up to date.

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Personal Training sessions are conducted at Pure GYm, Harrogate


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