"Results Happen Over Time, Not Over Night...Work Hard, Stay Consistent...and be Patient!"

My name is James Bower and I am an

Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer based here in Harrogate. Are you failing to reach your fitness goals? Wanting to get fitter, faster, stronger, gain muscle or get more toned for your holiday? Are you lacking confidence, self-motivation or direction? Desperate to lose weight? Do you know how you want to look and feel, but have no idea how to get there? If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions....Here's your opportunity to change all that!

Look no further!


"...I am now training at a level that I wouldn't have thought I was ever capable of doing six months ago."

Louise E.

My enthusiastic and friendly approach will put you at ease when exercising with clear, concise instruction in an enjoyable, safe and varied structure. Whether you are an exercise novice or advanced fitness enthusiast, a Personal Trainer will help maximize your efforts by tailor-making your training sessions to suit your individual needs.

"...I can honestly say after 6 months training with James I have a 'beach body' to be proud of

for the first time!"

Jonathan P.

As your Personal Trainer, it is my duty to build a precise, discrete understanding of your current level of fitness, state of health, lifestyle commitments and personal time restrictions. I have been working closely with a wide range of clients for several years now, focussing on achieving and even surpassing their ultimate fitness ambitions. Whether you simply want to build up some more muscle, lose some weight or train to run a 10k, I can put together a customised training programme for you so we can reach your goals together.

"...I feel fitter, stronger and more toned

than I ever have before and leave the gym

looking forward to our next session..."

Sarah N.

Find out more about my services, my specialised training programmes and also about cheaper, more affordable gym memberships at our brand new Gym!!

I'm sure you'll find the training programme that’s just right for you!


I specialise in

One to one Personal Training

Core & Abdominal Specialist

Strength Training

Cardiovascular & Endurance

Weight Loss

Speed & Agility Developement

Body Toning

Nutritional Advice

Postural Correction



Why should we work together? Find out more about me.

"... I have really felt – and seen -  the benefits and can honestly say that I feel fitter now than I’ve ever been..."

Hilary V.

Utilizing prgressive and varied training systems with constant encouragement and advice, I will look forward to committing myself to developing a trusting relationship that will guide you all the way to the New You!


"... I highly recommend James to anyone and everyone whether it be for weight loss, toning, or building muscle... If you're serious about wanting to be fit and get in shape, see him and you won't regret it!."


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