What Others Say About James

"I have been having Personal Training sessions with James for six months and I am now training at a level that I wouldn't have thought I was ever capable of doing six months ago. 

James is inspiring, supportive, knowledgable and hugely encouraging! Each session is extremely varied and he adapts and changes to keep me improving my levels of fitness all the time. 
His enthusiasm is infectious and I genuinely look forward to each session!"
Louise E.

"James really is full of spirit, motivating and extremely helpful. He is an exceptional personal trainer and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone whether it be for weight loss, toning, or building muscle. He knows what he's doing, he cares about his clients and makes the time and effort others lack. If you're serious about wanting to be fit and get in shape, see him and you won't regret it!."

 Angel, age 21

"James is an excellent trainer. He makes each session challenging but fun and every session is different to the last. Personal training was supposed to be a 4 session Christmas treat to myself, but I love it so much now it's become a permanent weekly fixture! I feel fitter, stronger and more toned than I ever have before and leave the gym looking forward to our next session. I would recommend training with James to everyone."


Sarah N. Age 38

“James is really motivational and supportive ! Great personal training sessions! I really recommend him !.“

 Kate B, age 21

"James always pushes me to work harder in my weekly PT session. As they say, no pain no gain, and I can honestly say after 6 months training with James I have a 'beach body' to be proud of for the first time!"

Jonathan P, Age 39

"I have been having Personal Training sessions with James for 9 months and can’t recommend him highly enough. He is very encouraging and varies the sessions to make them challenging, but fun too. I can be confident with James that I’ll be getting a thought through, balanced workout, where a number of my muscle groups will be targeted and there’s no danger of my over using one area. I have really felt – and seen -  the benefits and can honestly say that I feel fitter now than I’ve ever been..."


Hilary V.

“Personal training sessions with James really are the business great value for money 100% recommend a burn out with James!“

 Andy C, age 30

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